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Why Tatami Mats matter.

S T - Thursday, February 28, 2013

We all need a roof over our heads, walls to preserve our privacy and windows and doors to remind us there is a world outside.  The ground, however, is the foundation to the home, and on it, defines the home as the place of peace, rest and comfort.  It is our opinion that tatami mats fulfill those functions in any home. 

Soft on the feet, a ready place to lie down for a rest, a room wholly suited for meditation and quiet contemplation, filled with the natural scent of straw fields, it creates a room like no other because it defies definition by use.  The tatami mat room is a bedroom at night, a living space by day, a tea ceremony room, a meditation space, an exercise room, a dojo for judo or other martial arts, a studio for fine arts and crafts, a conference or meeting room, and last but not least, a dining room. 

With increasing population density, and homes getting smaller, space becomes premium and the efficient use of space becomes necessary in our lives.  Tatami mats evolved in the Japanese home to solve that problem.

With the increasing complexities and chaos that surrounds our consciousness, a simple tatami room, completely uncluttered, provides the consolation that we can simplify our lives, and that chaos can be controlled.  Tatami mats on the floor is all the furniture we truly need.

This is why Tatami Mats matter. 



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